The six rooms are a named after one of the most important poems of the Italian literary heritage, the Cantico delle Creature of Saint Francis of Assisi which is an ode to Nature in its entirety, the same Nature which makes the visit of Paestum so enchanting.
The three rooms in the attic, the room of Brother Wind, Brother Fire and Sister Moon were born thanks to the housing recovery of the attic, once undisputed reign of the pigeons. The small windows of the rooms, in fact, is derived from pigeon coops, common in the homes of an agricultural time slots that allowed the pigeons to build their nest.
To remember these old inhabitants of the place, a series of artistic lamps dedicated to pigeons, handcrafted by a local artist, illuminate small corridors.

Casa Rubini have a caratteristic Tavern on the groun floor, for this reason Casa Rubini is indicated for people with young hearts who prefer a more intimate atmosphere to the luxury of five star hotels or to the absolute silence of the countryside.

· Our rooms are designed for those who appreciate the poetry of a place , not for those looking for luxury and pomp .
· Some  rooms are large, other smaller, but all comfortable, gracious and refined .
· Attic rooms are air-conditioned,  first floor rooms, restricted by  archaeological rules, have very efficacious design ceiling fans
· First floor rooms have windows or balconies,  attic rooms have portholes and small windows derived from the pigeonholes .
· All rooms have private bathroom with shower, toilet and sink; two bedrooms have bidets too.

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