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The House's Winery/Boutique is a space to show and sell objects, souvenir and memories that smell of history, where it's possible to stop for a good glass of wine too.


Handmade liquers, products without preservatives, made only with water, sugar and fruits of our land. The line is dedicated to the work of Paoli, author of a very rare text of the '700 on Paestum from the title "Pestanae Dissertationes"




Tupi-Tupi design, accessories, jewels and various anomalies made entirely by hand. Lace, antique cutlery ..




Iconic T-Shirts (100% cotton) dedicated to the Metope of the Sanctuary of the Heraion on the Sele and to the Paestum's coins.



mattonelle vietri

Ceramic Tile. Unique works realized for Casa Rubini from the famous master ceramist from Vietri Antonio D'Acunto




Hand decorated plates. Unique pieces made for casaRubini, by the painter and artist of Paestum Marco Vecchio



tazze vietri

Objects inspired to graphic elements of Paestum history, made and decorated by hand, in the artisan's laboratory of Mario D'Acunto

 ... and more!




On February 11, 2019  the Tavern closed. We are really proud of the results achieved: the Tavern has been a glorious experiment that for years has given us a lot of satisfaction.
and it has shown that there is a strong need for alternative ways of "stay together".

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Email :  - tel : 0828 1992255 - via Tavernelle di Paestum - Capaccio (SA)

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